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We know you eat them when no one is looking.  You think it's your little secret, but with so many succulent flavors, pretty soon everybody is going to be eating Sugar Booger Shaved Ice.  So come on by and pick your booger today and eat it for the whole world to see!

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Sugar boogers

Our signature shaved ice confection brings a creative flair the the ordinary shaved ice.  Don't gawk at it too long, it's going to melt if you don't eat it!

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hot boogers

When the weather is cold, warm up with our flavored hot chocolate!  And if you're super daring, enjoy the goodness of the Flaming Boogers!



116-A Main St

Broken Arrow

Spring 2019


Brian Barlow has had one dream his whole life - to combine his expertise in shaved ice with his lifelong passion of picking boogers.

It harkens back to Barlow's ancestors during the Old West.  On a cold August morning in 1884, somewhere between New Mexico and Montana, Jebediah Barlow created the first Sugar Booger.

Unfortunately for Jebediah, the townfolk didn't take to his new confection and his Sugar Booger experiment failed on the 1880's Oregon trail.

Fortunately, Brian Barlow has perfected the Sugar Booger recipe which now uses a multiple of 60 different flavors, fruit, and candy, instead of Jebediah Barlow's insistence on using only creamed corn, cole slaw, and actual boogers.


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